Who We Are

The Canadian Churches’ Forum is a Christian agency through which Canadian churches reflect and work together on global mission and ministry issues, works in partnership with others to foster intercultural leadership, learning, and ministry, and are challenged to prophetic witness through programs of education and dialogue.

Our members are the Anglican Church of Canada, the Presbyterian Church in Canada, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto, the Scarboro Missions, and the United Church of Canada. We also work directly with other denominations, agencies, and individuals from Canada and the United States of America. The Canadian Churches’ Forum is an independent program agency of the Canadian Council of Churches.

What We Do

The Canadian Churches’ Forum offers programs for people involved in cross-cultural global and Canadian mission and ministry, provides forums for dialogue, publishes a variety of resources, celebrates the work of individuals in mission, and encourages cross-cultural and international dialogue.


  • Deepening Understanding for Intercultural Ministry
  • Discernment
  • Orientation for Overseas Personnel
  • Re-entry for Overseas Personnel
  • Orientation to Canada
  • Mission Trip Leaders Seminar
  • Workshop Facilitation and Cross-Cultural Development

Please see the Programs page for details.

Publications and Resources

  • Sojourning: A Leader’s Guide for Short Term Mission Travel
  • On Your Way: A Guide to Your Overseas Intercultural Experience
  • Coming Home: A Re-entry Workbook for Returned Missionaries and Volunteers
  • Here Among Us: A Guide to Intercultural Experience for Visitors to Canada
  • Forum Focus: Our annual newsletter

In addition, the Forum sells a number of other resources and maintains an extensive library with books, journals, and other resources. Please see the Resources page for details.


  • Roundtables bring together people on issues of inter and cross cultural ministry, diversity, and racism
  • Guest speakers and education events

Please visit our history page for more details about our story.