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Engage Difference! Deepening Understanding for Intercultural Ministry

Célébrons nos diversités! Une meilleure compréhension du ministère interculturel

A 5 day interactive and engaging program with practical ideas for implementation in your own context. DUIM is for ministry leaders and community members nurturing cultural relevance, understanding, and awareness in their communities. Learn more

D’une durée de cinq jours, cet évenement interactif et stimulant vous offre des idées pratiques à intégrer dans votre environnement respectif. Le programme s’adresse aux leaders ministériels et aux membres des communautés qui misent sur la pertinence culturelle, la compréhension et la sensibilisation au sein de leurs communautés. Pour en savoir plus

Learning for International Faith Engagement (L.I.F.E.)Sojourning logo

For individuals contemplating international and local immersion, study, or work trip leadership, those who already have groups preparing to go, and seasoned trip leaders.  They allow participants to reflect upon the practical and theological issues involved and to build their programs from beginning stages, to plan for all of the details of the actual mission exposure trip, and to focus on the essential aspects of post-trip. Learn more

Re-entry for Overseas Personnel October 2013 Reentry

The Re-Entry Program is designed to help those returning to Canada following international placements in their process of transition and re-integration. A gentle group process designed to utilize talents and personal experiences of participants along with presentations by staff and resource people. Learn more.

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Participants are strongly encouraged to carefully read the full DUIM program description before registering.
Il est fortement recommandé aux participants et aux participantes de lire attentivement la description du programme avant de s’inscrire.

Registrations from outside Canada: The Engage Difference! DUIM program is designed for persons in ministry in or from Canada. Due to a large number of spam registrations from overseas, unless an arrangement has been made through one of our partner organizations, we will not respond to a registration from outside Canada. We are not able to provide documents for immigration or visa purposes.
Fall 2017 DUIM Montreal / Automne 2017 Montréal
Bilingual French/English program. Focus on Montreal context.
(Villa St Martin, 9451, Boulevard Gouin Ouest, Montreal, QC)
Programme bilingue français/Anglais.
(Villa Saint-Martin, Montréal, Québec)
Register Registration open / La période d’inscription ouvert
Dates September 25-29, 2017
Course runs 9 am Monday to 5 pm Friday
Includes evening activities

Registration Deadline August 28, 2017
Dates de l’événement : 25 au 29 septembre 2017
Date limite d’inscription : 28 août 2017
Cost $1250
(includes accommodation and meals)

Additional accommodation $65/night plus meals
($100 deposit to confirm registration)
Frais d’hébergement supplémentaires $65/nuitée, repas en sus.
2018 DUIM Urbanizing Communities
(location: Barrie, Ontario)
Register Registration not yet open
Dates 2018 TBA
Registration Deadline TBA
 Cost TBA
($100 deposit to confirm registration)
2018 DUIM Victoria, BC
(Location: Victoria, BC)
Register Registration not yet open
Dates  TBA
Registration Deadline TBA
Cost TBA
(Non-residential program)
$100 deposit to confirm registration
Suggested local accommodation list will be provided for out of town participants.
2018 DUIM Saskatchewan

(Location TBA)

Register    Registration not yet open

Date TBA
Registration deadline TBA
Cost TBA
(includes accommodation and meals)
Discount price for non-residential.
Additional accommodation $65/night plus meals
2018 DUIM Toronto
(Location TBA)
Register Registration not yet open
Dates TBA
Registration deadline TBA
Cost: (includes meals)
$TBA (Non-residential rate)
$TBA (residential rate)
$100 deposit to confirm registration
Additional accommodation $TBA/night and meals
Engaging Others
Intercultural Ministry Facilitator Training
(Location: TBA)
Information & Registration  Registration not yet open
Fall 2017 Dates TBA
Participation by invitation or application.
 Funding by application or invitation.
 We are looking for other locations in Canada to host the DUIM program. Contact us!  


Re-entry Conference
2017 (Toronto)
Dates TBA. Offered at the request of denominations.
$570 (includes accommodation and meals)
Theological Students Debriefing Not offered as a separate program in 2017. Please register for Re-entry conference.


Mission Discernment Event
2018 Dates TBA
(Registration by invitation)
Registration deadline TBA

(formerly “Mission Trip Leaders’ Seminars”):

Winter 2018 Seminar
Location: TBA
Dates TBA
Registration deadline TBA
$520 (includes accommodation and meals)
Fall 2018 Seminar
Location: TBA
Dates TBA
Registration Deadline TBA
$520 (includes accommodation and meals)


  1. All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars and include tuition, accommodation (unless otherwise noted) and meals per person.
  2. Prices are based on  single accommodation. When double accommodations are available and requested by participants, there may be a discount.
  3. Travel to and from the program venue is the responsibility of the participant or the sponsoring agency.
  4. Programs may be cancelled if a minimum number of applications are not received. Under-subscribed programs may be held with a 20% surcharge (in consultation with paying agencies or participants).
  5. A deposit is required for all programs. This deposit is non-refundable after the registration deadline. Balance of fees are due prior to the program.  
  6. Cancellation policy: The deposit is non-refundable after the registration deadline. The balance of program fees are refundable except for fixed costs that are not refunded by an outside agency (such as an accommodation or meal provider ).
  7. All programs have a maximum enrolment based on ‘first come first serve’. 


  1. Tous les prix sont en dollars canadiens et comprennent les l’inscription, l’hébergement (sauf indications contraires) et les repas pour une seule personne.
  2. Les prix sont établis en fonction d’une occupation simple. Il est possible d’obtenir un rabais pour une occupation double lorsque le participant ou la participants en fait la demande. Toutefois, ce service est offert en fonction de la disponibilité des chambres en occupation double.
  3. Le transport pour se rendre à l’endroit de l’événement (et pour en revenir) est aux frais des participants et des participantes ou des organismes de parrainage.
  4. Dans le cas d’un nombre insuffisant d’inscriptions à un programme, il se peut que celui-ci soit annulé. Tout programme ayant obtenu un nombre insuffisant d’inscriptions peut cependant être offert moyennant un supplément de 20 % (pourvu que ce soit en accord avec les organismes de parrainage, les participants at les participantes).
  5. Un dépôt est exigé pour l’inscription à tous les programmes. Ce dépôt n’est pas remboursable après la date limite des inscriptions. Tout solde débiteur doit être réglé avant la tenue de l’événement.
  6. Politique d’annulation : Le dépôt n’est pas remboursable après la date limite des inscriptions. Les frais d’inscription au programme sont remboursables à l’exception des frais fixes qui ne sont pas remboursés par les organismes à l’étranger (comme les frais d’hébergement et des repas).
  7. En raison du nombre limité des places dans chaque programme, l’inscription est faite sur la base du premier arrivé premier servi.