Top 10 Travel Advice

If need be chosen for travel insurance and be certain this is organized beforehand to cover any activities you would like to participate in and insurance for all your luggage. Check to find out if you’re in need for a visa for the countries you’re going to see, however, bear in mind that you might need more than only a visa to enter the country so find this out by calling the Embassy or High Commission beforehand.

Verify your flight information and all bookings for cars, hotels, and activities before you depart. Be sure you’re certain of which credit/debit cards you’ll be taking and figure the best rates for converting currency and buying traveler’s cheques. Create a list of emergency contact numbers, such as lost and stolen credit cards, and make a copy of your travel itinerary with a friend of a family member so

Check the weather at your trip destination so you can pack the suitable equipment to match the climate. If you’re going to be flying then be certain that you have an essential carry on luggage just encase your luggage become delayed. If you’re going to be driving then be certain that you have a road map, GPS handy so that you can look up any instructions when required. Pack you video and camera equipment at least 24 hours before you leave, so you can check and control any batteries ahead.

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